Current Projects
Reinsurance Risk Analytics and High Performance Computing

This project explores the design, implementation, and evaluation of next-generation Catastrophe Risk Modeling systems and Reinsurance Analytics that exploit advances in High Performance Computing (HPC).
Parallel Data Warehousing and OLAP

As the information age explodes with data, corporate and scientific data bases swell to previously unimagined sizes. This project investigates parallel methods for Data warehousing and OLAP.

Parallel Geometric Algorithms

Geometric problems abound in applications from computational biology to geographic information systems. This project focuses on the design and implementation of parallel algorithms for fundamental geometric/spatial operations and data structures. The focus is on fast, practical scalable algorithms for coarse grained multicomputers. Much of the work concerns either geometric algorithms or algorithms based on parallel versions of standard sequential spatial data structures.

Past Projects
The LaHave House Project

Joint work with Professor Brian Mackay-Lyons of the Dalhousie Faculty of Architecture and Graduate Students from both Computer Science and Architecture. The focus is on 1) capturing "design spaces" in the form of generative grammars and 2) exploring how such grammars can be used to support Automated Design Services.

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