Bachelor of Computer Science
2010 - 2015


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6050 University Avenue
Halifax, NS, Canada

About Me

Born in the Ukraine, moved to Israel when I was little. Lived most of my life in Israel, then moved to Canada.

I have been introduced to Programming in Grade 8.

I have been always strong in Math, and programming came naturally to me.

Computer Science was the clear choice for me.

After experimentation with different technologies and a few co-op work terms, I have decided to focus on Web Application Development.

I have picked up a whole range of web technologies such as: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, NodeJs and Ruby on Rails

I have decided to extend my education by two semesters to reduce the course load and focus on gaining work experience.

To check my current occupation please go to my LinkedIn account under the Social Media links.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to contant me via any of Social Media accounts or by email.