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Computer Science

Vlado Keselj

Professor of Computer Science
Director of Electronic Commerce
Faculty of Computer Science
Dalhousie University

E-mail: vlado @ dnlp. ca
WWW: http://web.cs.dal.ca/~vlado/
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CSCI 6509: Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing
CSCI 4152 - Natural Language Processing
CSCI 2132: Software Development
ECMM 6000: Overview of Electronic Commerce

Administrative Courses

ECMM 7010: Industrial Internship
ECMM 7030: Research Paper in Electronic Commerce
ECMM 7051: Research Project in Electronic Commerce
ECMM 9010: Graduate Thesis in Electronic Commerce I
ECMM 9012: Graduate Thesis in Electronic Commerce II


Programming Competitions

(2004-) Canadian Computing Competitions (for highschools), Junior Committee
(2009-) Co-organizer of NACLO (Dalhousie site) -- North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad for high-school and junior-high students
(2003-12) Dalhousie Programming Contests, Coach of the Dalhousie ACM programming team
(2011-12) DPC/H – Dalhousie Programming Contest for High-school and Junior-high Students
(2009) Organizer of the ACM Preliminary Programming Contest APICS 2009
(2006-8) Co-Organizer of the Dalhousie Software Competition for High-schools in 2006/7 and 2007/8.

Administration, Service, and Other

(2006-) Faculty sponsor of the Dalhousie ACM Student Chapter

Research-related Organizational Activities
(2010) Publicity Co-Chair for IEEE/WIC/ACM WI/IAT 2010
(2010) Program Co-Chair for AI'2010
(2005-2009) Treasurer of CAIAC - Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association
     (was CSCSI - Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence)
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Committees (at Dalhousie)

(2010-) Ad Hoc CRC Renewal Committee
(2010-) Outreach and Engagement Committee
(2009-) Electronic Commerce Committee (chair)
(2009-) Dean's Executive Committee
(2012) Senate Academic Programs and Research Committee (SAPRC)
(2012) Dalhousie University Senate
(2010) Search Committee for Associate Dean Academic
(2005-2010) Health Informatics Committee
More listed in the archive page

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